Hearty Comfort Foods You Will Love

Like a hug you can taste, familiarity and nostalgia are what makes food more than just sustenance. Restorative soups, heart-warming stews and rich casseroles can soothe even the toughest of days – a comforting pleasure that would be impossible to heighten, except perhaps when enjoyed in the company of loved ones. Here’s five of our favourite comfort food recipes.

1. Curry Pumpkin Soup

The perfect rainy weather accompaniment, our fuss-free recipe for curry pumpkin soup can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. Marrying the sweet creaminess of pumpkin with the mellow heat of curry – this is a dish that is versatile enough to be enjoyed by vegetarians as well. Meat lovers may choose to add their protein of choice for a heartier meal. Best paired with warm sourdough bread, let your stress and anxieties from the end of a long day melt away with each satisfying spoonful of this golden broth.

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2. Beef Lasagne

If the quiet simmering of pots and delicious wafts of slow-baked goodness sound like heaven to you, let our recipe for beef lasagne be your date this weekend. Comforting in its familiar flavours, this dish is a classic hit that will highlight any dinner menu. Use a food processor to ease the process of making the Bolognese.

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3. Oven Roasted Chicken Tikka Masala Casserole

A vibrant twist to the classic chicken casserole, this delicious main can be brought to the table in just four easy steps! Marrying a symphony of spices to this delicious one-pot meal, be sure to bake the chicken for a softer texture. Inviting in both its colour and taste, this is one dish that is perfect to share with family, or at get-togethers with friends. Use a blender to mix the ingredients for the masala paste to ease the cooking process.

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4. Crabmeat Dumplings in White Tom Yam Soup

Reassuring in its substantial broth, and yet light enough to not induce guilt, this one-pot dish can be made in ten minutes if you prepare the dumplings beforehand. For added spice, cut chillies into halves and leave the seeds in when cooking the broth. This Tom Yam soup also pairs well with a bottle of white. Learn more with our classic food and wine pairings .

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5. Chicken Pot Pie

The ultimate comfort food in our list, there is nothing more satisfying than breaking the crisp buttery crust of its pastry puff to reveal a soothing medley of stewed chicken and vegetables. Perfect as a solitary indulgence at the end of a long work day, our recipe for chicken pot pie uses chicken thigh as a healthier option. Bake a batch of this heart-warming treat and store some away in the freezer, ready to be consumed whenever you need.

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