Dark Hokkien Mee (Fried Prawn Noodles)

This version of fried prawn noodles uses dark soy sauce, giving it a savoury flavour, paired with the sweetness of fresh seafood and pork. Have it together with some ‘sambal belachan’ chilli if you like your food spicy. Try out this simple yet irresistible dish!

Difficulty: Easy | Servings: 4 | Preparation Time: 40 mins | Cooking Time: 30 mins

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Lontong Sayur Lodeh with Serunding

A uniquely Southeast Asian dish — Lontong Sayur Lodeh with Serunding is a delicious stew of vegetables and Lontong (banana leaf wrapped rice cakes) cooked in Lodeh; a rich broth of coconut milk and fragrant spice blend. Best enjoyed with Serunding (fried coconut flakes), this festive staple is a must-have every Hari Raya.

‘Bak Kwa’ (Chinese Meat Jerky) and Mandarin Orange Salad with Nuts and ‘Yu Sheng’ (Raw Fish) Dressing

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Stewed Pork Belly with Dried Beancurd Skin, Cabbage and Fermented Soy Bean

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