Spicy Food to Fire Up Your Taste Buds

When it comes to food, adding a little kick of spice is always a good way to switch up any recipe. From traditional Asian flavours to fusion dishes, turn up the heat and recreate these recipes that are perfect for solo dinners, gatherings or when your spicy food craving comes around.

1. Ayam Betutu

A tantalising treat, this Ayam Betutu (translated as Richly Spiced Chicken) recipe is for the meat lover who is not afraid to heat things up. The banana leaves used to wrap the chicken gives the dish its wonderful aroma, while the spicy marinade is added to the spinach stuffing to give it a fiery punch. Serve with white rice for a great main to savour with family and friends.

2. Thai-Style Basil Chicken Ravioli

These delightful pouches simply burst with flavour after each bite, and they make a great base to go with a variety of sauces. A culinary fusion of the East and West, this recipe replaces traditional fillings with fiery and fragrant Thai-style basil chicken. Savour these spicy, silky-smooth raviolis for a refreshing spin to this traditional Italian fare.

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3. Gluten-Free Laksa Pasta

Laksa's rich gravy is arguably the best part of the dish, and this recipe gives it a twist by condensing its hearty flavours into a creamy paste. The result? A flavourful sauce that coats delicate strands of gluten-free dried brown rice pasta. Add dried bean curd puffs, fresh laksa leaves, and a generous helping of tiger prawns for the ultimate spicy treat.

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4. Tandoori Chicken

Whip up delicious Tandoori chicken in the comfort of your own home with an oven. This traditional dish hails from India and is prepared by marinating chicken overnight in a delicious mix of Greek yoghurt and Asian spices like garam masala, turmeric and fine chilli powder. This process tenderises the meat, producing robust, tender and succulent slices of Tandoori chicken with a subtle hint of spice.

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5. Twice-fried Spicy Tempeh and Ikan Bilis

For a spicy and crispy dish, try this classic Indonesian tempeh and ikan bilis (anchovies) recipe. Commonly found in many warungs (small shop or restaurant) along the streets of Indonesia, this simple dish is made by stir-frying crispy slices of tempeh and ikan bilis with a freshly blended paste made of red chillies, onion and garlic. Serve warm with white rice.

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