Like A Pro: Enjoying Dishes From Around The World With Ease

Different countries, different dishes

Enticing aromas, exotic spices and fascinating ingredients – discovering the wide diversity of global cuisines can be an exciting adventure. And the great thing is, you don’t have to travel the globe to sample them. With these great dishes, you can enjoy a gastronomic trip around the world from the comfort of your own home.

Morocco: A fairy tale from 1001 nights.

Morocco: a fairy tale from the Arabian Nights.

No Moroccan evening should be without tagine. A delicious stew made traditionally by the Berber people of North Africa, tagine is cooked slowly in a special dome-shaped clay pot that traps the steam and ensures the juices are retained. To round off the Moroccan flair, decorate your table with bold colours, miniature lanterns and handmade Moroccan plates. For the final touch, add some exotic mosaics for a true Arabian setting.

When your fairy tale evening comes to an end, you won’t need to worry about the dishes. Thanks to its delicate programme, you can happily put the tagine into the dishwasher.

Italy: Many dishes lead to Rome.

Italy: living la dolce vita.

Enjoy an evening in true Italian style with a traditional ragu bolognaise. This wonderful, meaty sauce that got its name from Bologna, the capital of Emilia-Romagna, goes well with a medium or full-bodied red wine – Italian, of course! Perhaps a Nero d’ Avola or a Sicilian Primitovo?

And while you’re watching The Italian Job afterwards, your dishwasher will take care of the dishes. With the Glass Secure Tray, you can even put fine-stemmed wine glasses into the dishwasher without risking damage or glass corrosion.

Thailand: Dinner in the land of smiles.

Thailand: dinner in the land of smiles.

Treat your guests to one night in Bangkok at your own dining table and impress them, for example, with a spicy Thai curry and delicious sticky rice on banana leaves.

The base of a good Thai curry is a homemade curry mixture, typically prepared by finely grinding fresh spices with a mortar and pestle into a smooth paste.

When your delicious curry paste is ready, clean your mortar by hand with just a sponge and fresh water. Made from porous stone, detergent residues can cause a soapy aftertaste next time you grind herbs or spices, making it one of the few things you should avoid putting in the dishwasher.

South Africa: The Cape of good food.

South Africa: the cape of good food.

Colourful and diverse, South African food is as varied as the country itself. Each dish reflects one or more of the many cultural influences found throughout the land. Food is traditionally cooked over an open fire or in a ‘potije’, a typical three-legged pot.

When the evening comes to a close, your dishwasher will clean and dry your dishes to perfection. Including the potije!

America: The perfect din(n)er.

America: the perfect diner.

You don’t need to embark on a road trip to enjoy American cuisine. Burgers and French fries are one classic combo that come to mind. Simply add a burger press to your kitchen utensils and enjoy perfectly formed, juicy patties every time. And for an authentic American diner feeling, serve your French fries in plastic baskets with coleslaw on the side.

When you’ve finished your diner evening, your plastic baskets will be dried to perfection with your dishwasher’s ExtraDry function.

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