The hardest thing about cooking will be your shopping list.

Because you already have your hands full when you're cooking, we've added plenty of convenient functions so that you don't have to lift a finger too much.

Our induction cooktops: less waiting, lower power consumption and more reliability.

Our induction cooktops can't perform miracles but they do perform faster than conventional cooktops. A Bosch induction cooktops can bring 2 litres of water to the boiler twice as quickly as a ceramic cooktops. So you can serve dinner faster using less energy. Leaving you more time to enjoy yourself.

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Our gas cooktops: the choice of chefs for your kitchen.

For many chefs, gas cooktops are still the preferred choice. With Bosch gas cooktops, you too can enjoy all the benefits. You not only can control the heat perfectly and instantaneously, thanks to their sophisticated design, our gas cooktops are also easy to clean and absolutely safe.

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Our ceramic cooktops: classic cooking with supreme convenience.

Easy-to-clean glass and ceramic surfaces that also look good: with our ceramic cooktops, you can enjoy cooking and eating even longer by taking less time for cleaning. Thanks to an integrated TouchControl panel you always maintain perfect control for maximum safety.

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All you have to do for the perfect steak is turn on the cooktop.

Our cooktops provide a wide range of functions to help you boil or fry things exactly as they should be. The FryingSensor, for example, keeps an eye on your steak whilst you select the right wine. The HighSpeed zone on your cooktop not only brings things to the boil 20% faster, but also makes it easier to pan-sear food.


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