How to Load Your Bosch Dishwasher the Right Way

A dishwasher brings great convenience when it comes to getting your dishes and crockery clean. Simply load your dirty plates into this fuss-free cleaning appliance and choose the right programme. Relax and enjoy peace of mind while the dishwasher delivers clean, sparkling dishes with the touch of a button.

One important aspect to note is that dishwashers do come with different loading capacities. For example, a dishwasher with a 12-place setting can hold up to 12 sets of dishes, and one set of serving cutlery.

Understanding how to load your dishwasher correctly can help you get the most out of every wash — here are some helpful tips.

Load Dishwasher-Safe Dishware Only

Before loading your dishes, always check that they are dishwasher-safe . Otherwise they may crack, warp or discolour. In general, materials like aluminium, cast iron, pewter, brass, tin and bronze are not suitable for washing in dishwashers as they are sensitive to high heat.

Scrape Large Food Particles Off

Before loading your dishwasher, be sure to scrape large food particles off plates and crockery with a fork or spoon. An accumulation of food particles in the dishwasher filter can cause it to be clogged and prevent used water from draining properly. Make every wash a perfect one by taking this extra step before loading your dishwasher.

Place Dishes Facing Down

Located beneath the baskets, dishwasher spray arms clean dishes by spraying powerful jets of water upwards. Dishes should therefore be loaded facing down for the best washing results. Likewise, do not overlap dishes as this may prevent the water jets from reaching certain parts of the dishes.

Dishes Should Not Obstruct Rotating Arms

These spray arms rotate to disperse streams of water throughout a wash to clean your dishes effectively. Thus, keeping their path clear of any obstruction will ensure that the arms can rotate properly for a thorough wash. Tall items such as trays or jugs, as well as items that stick below the basket (ladles and pot handles), should be loaded carefully.

Give Cutleries their Own Space

Note that not all dishwashers come with a cutlery drawer. If there isn’t one, be sure to purchase a separate cutlery basket accessory. Organise cutleries in their respective slots in the cutlery drawer, or place them in the cutlery basket accessory. Silver cutlery should be placed in the silver cassette accessory.

Organise Your Dishes Accordingly

Less soiled and delicate dishes made of glass, china or porcelain should be placed in the top basket as there are specialised tines for glassware and small plates that require a gentler wash.

Heavily soiled dishes and dishwasher accessories (Cutlery Basket or GlassSecure Tray) go in the bottom basket for a more intensive wash. Taller items like pots and pans can only fit in the bottom basket.

Don’t Forget the Bottom Basket

Larger items, or pots and pans, get a reserved spot at the bottom. If there are extra tall items, such as baking trays, remove the top basket and wash them in the bottom basket with a baking spray head accessory attached.

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