Like A Pro: How Eco Mode Saves Energy

How to eco mode saves energy

Responsibility at the touch of a button.

Our dishwashers go through 485 rigorous checks before leaving the factory. Nothing is spared. Except for energy, thanks to our eco modes. We have collected some interesting facts when it comes to our energy saving modes.

Longer program, less energy?

Longer program, less energy?

How can a programme like the Eco mode save energy when it takes longer? It’s surprisingly simple: with the longer wash-cycle, the water doesn’t need heating up as much when compared to shorter programmes. Plus, your dishes are soaped longer, which means your dishwasher doesn’t need as much energy to clean them as other programmes. That’s how we save energy and decrease water consumption.

Is the energy saving worth mentioning?

How much energy am I actually saving?

In Eco mode, a wash cycle uses 0.73 kWh*. Compared to the Auto programme, that will save you around 523 kWh over a year. That’s enough to power an energy-saving lamp for about 28 months.

*Use of Eco mode, 50°C. Values differ between models and brands.

Should I always use the Eco-mode, thus?

Should I always use the Eco-mode, thus?

Of course, the numbers speak for themselves, but you should not always use the Eco 50° C mode. To achieve perfect results for your dishes and the environment, you should select your program according to the load and how dirty the dishes are. Because e.g. our Auto-programs (depending on model types) and some other special programs measure these factors by themselves and automatically set the optimum settings for energy- and water consumption. To make sure that these measurements are accurate, it is crucial that you use hot water programs or the machine care program regularly in order to ensure that the dishwasher itself is not contaminated with residues or bacteria.

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