A Guide to Buying Your Bosch Oven

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Having an oven at home can bring more than just cooking and baking conveniences. From enjoying steaks cooked precisely to your preferred level of doneness, to intelligent self-cleaning features — here’s our fuss-free guide to finding the perfect oven to complement your lifestyle.

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Oven Type — Choose the right oven for your lifestyle

There are four main types of ovens: conventional ovens, convection ovens, convection steam ovens and convection microwave ovens .

Bosch convection ovens offer versatile usage, and consistently perfect results . With functions like PerfectBake and PerfectRoast, say goodbye to burnt pastries, and overcooked roasts. All of Bosch ovens are convection models, and they come with different features to suit a variety of lifestyle needs. For example:

Bosch Ovens with Steam Function let you enjoy healthier meals and roasts that are crispy on the outside, while staying irresistibly juicy within. This oven is a great choice for those who cook often at home, and are discerning about their nutrition and health.

If quick, fuss-free cooking is what you look for in an oven, choose Bosch ovens with Microwave . They help to save time by defrosting food, as well as heating up your favourite meals so you can enjoy them quickly in the office, or at home after a long day’s work.

Function — More great features to bring your culinary dreams to life

Does the number of features in an oven play a part in your consideration? Bosch Series 4 and 6 ovens come with functions perfect for everyday use, while the Series 8 range gives you an extensive selection of innovative features to take your culinary endeavours to the next level. Here are some key highlights:

AutoPilot Programmes*— Bosch ovens come with up to 30 pre-programmed modules that allow you to make almost anything with ease and assurance. Trying out a new recipe, but unsure of the cook time? With this feature you can simply select the programme for the dish you are cooking, and let the oven take care of the rest.

Bakers will love the 4D Hot Air feature that allows you to bake on all four levels at the same time. Bake cookies often? Place up to 4 trays of cookies in the oven and enjoy the same evenly-baked results!

Lastly, with up to 14 heating methods** for greater cooking versatility, your imagination will be the only limitation now to bring all of your culinary dreams to reality.


45cm Compact Ovens – perfect for studio apartments

Ovens typically come in three sizes: 45cm, 60cm and 90cm wide models. A compact oven (45cm height by 60cm wide) is great for studio apartments. Pair it with a warmer drawer to keep your meals hot and ready to serve.


60cm tall – fits seamlessly into any kitchen

If space is not a big constraint, choose a 60cm built-in oven for seamless integration into all kitchen layouts and kitchen counters.


90cm wide — suitable for large households

Living in a large household? Choose a 90cm model (60cm height x 90cm wide) to accommodate the cooking needs of a large family. For those who host dinner parties at home regularly, an oven of this size is also ideal to cater for larger portions of food to be served.


Make maintenance fuss-free

Self-cleaning functions in ovens today are a great convenience. Depending on the type of cleaning, and ease of maintenance — Bosch EcoClean Direct Coating and the Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning function are designed to make oven cleaning fuss-free.

Bosch ovens with EcoClean Direct Coating help to save energy by breaking down grease splatters when you bake or roast — a self-cleaning feature that is perfect for those who bake often. The Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning function on the other hand, burns away grease and dirt with extreme high heat, so all you have to do is to wipe the ashes away once it is cool — perfect for use after roasting.

*Number of AutoPilot Programmes depends on model available in your country.

**The number of heating methods varies between models available in your country. Do check with our Sales Representatives for more details.

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