Like A Pro: Dishcare Myths

There are many legends surrounding dishwashers.

There are a number of myths about what you should and shouldn’t do with your dishwasher. Here are some ‘myth busters’ that might just make your life easier.

1. Pre-rinsing can be skipped.

True! Pre-rinsing is unnecessary and a waste of water, time and energy. Simply scrape excess leftovers off the plate and your dishwasher will do the rest.

2. Washing by hand is eco-friendlier.

False! A full dishwasher uses 50% less water and 28%* less energy when compared to washing the same amount of dishes by hand.

3. Putting cutlery in a dishwasher makes it rust.

False! You don’t need to worry about your beautiful stainless-steel cutlery rusting in the dishwasher any more than when you wash by hand. Nevertheless, avoid over-packing the cutlery basket or leaving it washed and wet overnight which can lead to staining.

4. Pans and big pots can be put in the dishwasher.

Correct. Just place dishwasher-safe pots and pans around the edges of the bottom rack, facing downwards and towards the side of the dishwasher. This way, the water from the spray arm can circulate and all your dishes will come out sparkling.

5. The price of the detergent isn’t important.

Yes and no! It’s not the price that matters, it’s the quality. Used for long periods, low quality products can discolour your cutlery and cause it to turn an unsightly brown. This is due to residues of the brine sometimes found in cheaper, low-quality detergents. To keep your cutlery looking like new, we recommend Finish, a high-quality detergent.

*use of eco-programme with water temperature at 50°C compared to washing one machine load by hand; values can differ between models and brands.

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