• Simple cooking no matter how
    complicated the meal may be.

    Our induction cooktops have been designed to make cooking and frying as effortless for you as possible – and to always provide the best results. Functions such as PerfectFry do the work for you, so you can whip up your favourite dish at the perfect temperature. The extreme flexibility of the cooktop and DirectSelect control system ensures that cooking will always be a pleasure, no matter how complicated the meal may be.

  • Performance.

    Features that don’t just provide you with ultimate convenience, but produce the best results too.

    Induction cooktops

    With induction cooktops, heat is only generated where it is really needed – the underside of the pot. This means that water in an induction pot is not only heated faster, it is also safer as the minimal heating of the cooktop glass means that fingers are not at risk of being burnt. In addition, thanks to the automatic pot detection function, the cooktop switches off automatically when there is no pot on the cooking zone.


    There’s no limitation to how you arrange your pots on the cooktop – the choice is all yours with Bosch’s FlexInduction. You can use your cooktop like a conventional induction cooktop with four separate cooking zones, or at the touch of a button, combine them to make two large continuous cooking zones. This gives you additional space on which you can place a large cookware item, such as roasters, teppanyaki grills or roasters with steaming units. For even more freedom, there are extended zones to provide up to 20% more space.


    With PanBoost (ShortBoost), you can now heat pots and pans even faster – without the fear of damaging them due to overheating. The PanBoost function can be easily selected via the interface and matched to the requirements for food preparation, such as whether oil or water is going to be heated. This means the pan is ready to be used for frying after approximately 30 seconds.


    With PowerBoost, the power level of your induction cooktop is increased to help you give that little extra boost when cooking. This means you can bring a pot filled with two litres of water to boil almost three times as quickly as on a conventional ceramic cooktop.

    Induction hobs with MoveMode

    Cooking with MoveMode is totally intuitive and convenient. With conventional cooktops, you have to boil your soup at level 9, let it cook at level 5 and then simmer it at level 1 by adjusting the temperature yourself. With MoveMode FlexInduction zones, the cooktop does it for you. FlexZone divides itself into three different areas preset at levels 9, 5 and 1 when MoveMode is activated. You don’t have to change the power level by changing the settings, you just have to move the pot along the flex zone. This makes cooking simple, convenient and easy.

    DirectSelect Premium touch control

    The DirectSelect Premium touch control interfaces has a simple, elegant design. It offers easy, direct control with one of the widest power level selectors in the market. The 17 power levels are clearly shown and can be selected directly, and the interface offers visual feedback of the chosen power setting through the light line.

  • Convenience.

    Our features are built to make cooking convenient and easy for you. With these useful features, you can concentrate on perfecting your meals just the way you want.

    Count-down timer

    You can set the desired cooking time with the Count-down timer. Once the time is up, an audio signal is emitted and the corresponding cooking zone is automatically deactivated.

    Count-up timer

    If you want to know how long your spaghetti has been cooking and be alerted the moment it is al dente, you can simply use the new Count-up timer. It shows you exactly how long you have been cooking something.


    The QuickStart function detects where you have placed the pot and automatically displays the corresponding cooking zone on the control interface. You can get started immediately and select the desired cooking level for your pot.


    If something goes wrong or boils over, the cooktop automatically turns itself off and saves the last selected setting. This means you can clean the cooktop conveniently before restoring the settings at the touch of a button.

    Energy consumption display

    You can view the energy consumption of a recently ended cooking process on the clearly legible display and regulate it with greater awareness next time. For example, using a pot lid reduces consumption by up to 20%, saving you money and protecting the environment at the same time.


    Total control – even when you clean. With this function, you can lock the sensor buttons for 30 seconds to avoid making accidental changes to the cooking settings. This allows you to clean the surfaces without having to re-adjust settings.

    Child lock

    Maximum protection for children’s hands: the integrated lock function allows you to secure your cooking area and protect it against unwanted operation. This guarantees total safety – for both you and your loved ones.

    Print design

    Cooktops should not only cook but look good as well. With this in mind, we have made the print design on the new Bosch cooktops modern and timeless.

  • Cooktop Accessories.

    WMF Stainless Steel Roaster with Glass Lid.
    Suitable for FlexInduction cooktops & 60cm built-in ovens.
    Steam insert for HEZ390011 roaster.HEZ390012
    Cookware set.
    Suitable for Induction & Ceramic cooktops.
    Consists of 1 frying pan, 3 saucepans & 2 glass lids.
    WMF Stainless Steel Wok.
    Suitable for Induction & Ceramic cooktops.
    Griddle Plate Cast Aluminium.
    Suitable for FlexInduction cooktops.
    Teppanyaki – small.
    Suitable for FlexInduction cooktops.
    Teppanyaki – large.
    Suitable for FlexInduction cooktops.
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