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Quick descaler for washing machines and dishwashers

Article Nr: 00311506

Content: 250g, sufficient for 1 treatment


This one box dose will powerfully remove stubborn stains, decalcify heaters and improve the lifetime of your appliance, in turn, reducing time and power consumption.


Only use with an empty machine and temperatures between 50°C to 65°C.

Washing machines: Add the contents of the pack (without laundry) into the washing machine and run the approx. 60°C coloured laundry program without pre-wash. Then run the program again for thorough cleaning.

Dishwashers: Do not use together with automatic dishwashing detergents. Switch on the empty dishwasher at 60°C. Open the dishwasher carefully after 30 minutes and add the contents of the pack. Then run the program again for thorough cleaning.

For best reults, use every 3 - 6 months for washing machines and once a year for dishwasher.

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