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Machine Cleaner for washing machine

Article Nr: 00311610

Content: 200g cleaning powder, sufficient for 1 treatment


Suitable for all our washing machines, this cleaner effectively removes all deposits throughout the appliance. This improves the washing results by reducing spots and marks on your laundry and unpleasant odours caused by regular low temperature washes.


Pour the entire content of this pack into the empty washing machine drum and allow the main washing program to run completely at 90°C or 95°C (without prewash). No further manual intervention is necessary. For best results, use every 3 months.

Care product for heat pump dryers

Article Nr: 00311829

Content: 4 x 125ml bottle


Eliminates odors and maintains the appliance by helping to remove residues and lint from the appliance and the condensation container, which may originate from the washing and drying process.


For heat pump dryers with and without an integrated care program. For heat pump dryers with an integrated care program, please refer to instruction manual of the appliance. For all others, please refer to picture based instruction manual. After a longer standstill of the dryer, we recommend extending the treatment time for several hours or for the best results, leave overnight.

For best reults, use 2 -3 times per year, depending on frequency of use of the dryer.

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