Cleaning and care.

Our cleaning and care products.

Browse our wide range of cleaning and care products dedicated to significantly prolonging the perfect performance of your Bosch home appliance.

Care products for surface cleaning.

Choose from the range of surface cleaning products that will restore your appliance to 'showroom' shine.

To care products for surface cleaning

Care products for coffee machines.

It takes a blend of advanced engineering and the best care to make a perfect cup of coffee. Find products that help maintain your coffee machine in factory-fresh condition.

To care products for coffee machines

Care products for dishwasher.

The demand of everyday cooking calls for an easy and efficient cleaning solution. Get better performance with proper cleaning products for your dishwasher.

To care products for dishwasher

Care products for laundry.

Essential cleaning and care products working hand in hand for your washer - for perfect performance.

To care products for laundry

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